Tickets to Paris

Just come back from the train station at Eindhoven. I bought a one way ticket to Paris for 31 March 2006, yep next Friday :D

I think I was lucky because I got lower ticket price than what it said on the train web site, it should be around 100 euro but I bought just for 61.70 euro :) happy Me.

The train will depart from Eindhoven and arrive at Marne La Valle – Paris, I already had an appointment with Saskia and Her friends to meet Them on Disneyland.

I’ll be in Paris for 3 days and return to Netherland on 2 April 2006 by bus together with Saskia and Her friends – I do hope so.. as I’m not yet get a confirmation from Saskia again, but She was said that I can go back with Her. Incase it’s not possible to go back with Them then I’m doomed :D


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