Netherlands Here I Come!

It has been more than one year ago since my last post on this category, it was because I already went back to Indonesia. But now I’ll start to post on this category as I’ll leave for the Netherlands tomorrow night.

After waiting for more than 3 weeks for visa – yes, 3 weeks! – I got my visa on last Thursday. I had problem with the embassy that asking for too much legal documents. It’s very different with last year. Last year it was very easy to get the visa and it only need 1 week for the embassy to issue my visa. I think it’s because I’m applying the visa together with 2 of my colleagues, so there are 3 people applying on the same time with the same inviter.

Because the embassy asking for a legal document about QnAp iT so I contact Johan Notenboom – the managing director of QnAp iT BV – and asking him to send me the documents. But I think he also lost his patience too as he then call the embassy him self to ask about why the visa for me and 2 other colleagues hasn’t yet issued.

I really don’t know what he actually tell to the embassy employee, but then she (the embassy employee) call me and said that my visa is OK and I can get them on the next working day, what a relive.. #:-S

I’ll go home earlier today to start packing my stuffs, as tomorrow I’ll leave to the Netherlands.

Netherlands here I come! (again)

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