A Call From Netherland

At 7.00 pm I with friends from QnAp go out and having dinner together, we eat toats near Citra Land (CL) Mall. After finishing dinner We go to Citra Land Mall, I want to buy a small bag to carry things that should be handy for My journey to Netherland. On the other side Budi want to see His ‘favourite’ Gundam things :p

When I was in CL, My big brother call Me asking when I’ll going to Netherland and giving some tips. He said that I don’t need to buy a small bag because it’s not too safe to carry passport in it, also I should buy a moisturizer because cold weather can make skin to be dry.

And suddenly there is a call from ‘Unknown’ – well it’s what shown on My cell :p – I pick up the call and.. it’s Johan calling from Netherland :D guess He read My email :))

I just know now that Johan have a nice voice :) or is it because My phone have a good speaker? :)) O2 Xphone II rocks!

Johan call Me to confirm My flight schedule and telling Me that He’ll making sure that somebody or Him self will pick Me up at Amsterdam airport. Okay.. thanks Johan, also for the tips :)

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