Goede Morgen

Just wake up from My good night sleep :D it’s 06:00 in the morning local time – 12:00 afternoon Indonesian time – turn on My laptop and write this blog. I’m signing in to yahoo messenger but friends in QnAp Asia isn’t online, they have a holiday today, Hijriah new year.. the 3rd new year in this month :D

Checked yahoo weather, it’s about -5 .. 3 C now. Just like you are in a freezer :D but inside the house isn’t that cold, it’s like We are in Kaliurang :D. Each room in Ki’s house have a heater to keep the room temperature warm.

Heater in the room

Goede morgen


One thought on “Goede Morgen”

  1. “Journey to netherland” jadi ingat kasus hangat WNI bunuh diri di amrik gara-gara stress cari kerja gak dapet. moga bung marcus pulang dengan selamat bawa cewek cantik + bugil buat gantungan kunci motor scorpioku

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