Got the ticket!

Today I have a small chat with Johan using Yahoo Messenger, talking about Netherland. He giving Me some links about Amsterdam’s airport Schiphol, Eindhoven website and Nuenen website.

Although Johan doesn’t smoke, He still asking Me to bring Him a slop of kretek Dji Sam Soe for Indonesian that already stay there.

I’m quite impressed with todays QnAp Asia office internet connection, it’s so fast that i can make a call using Yahoo voice chat. Well.. Johan having some problem with His microphone so He can’t talk back, only hear Me speaking :)

On the evening, about 5.30 pm Ronny came to the office and give Me My ticket. I’ll go to Netherland on 29 January (Chinese New Year :) ) and back to Indonesia on 25 April – 3 months in Netherland.

I’m feeling happy and excited but in the same time feeling nervous too because this is the first time i go to foreign country and it’s far from Indonesia.

Many thanks to everybody at QnAp Asia especially Ki, Ronny, Willy and Liza. Also thanks to Johan at QnAp iT BV.

Wish Me Luck


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