Last preparation and Chinese New Year Eve

Yesterday I meet My big brother, He just come back from China 2 days ago. We go to Mega Mall Pluit to buy some stuff for Me and buy a slop of cigarette kretek Dji Sam Soe for Johan.

After shopping :D we have lunch at Solaris. That day there is a Samsi show at Mega Mall it’s quite crowded, because all people want to watch the show. After finishing lunch I go around searching for Salon, I want to get a hair cut now because I don’t want to spend 14-30 euro just for a hair cut :D. But.. there is always a ‘but’ :D all salon is so crowded! guess all people wants to look beautiful and handsom on Chinese new year :p

Giving up looking for salon, We go to Puri Mall. I want to get some gloves but unfortunately the shop only have one color (Gray) and I don’t like the color.

I also try to get hair cut at Puri Mall, but it’s just the same as Mega Mall, all salon is crowded.. $h*7.. Ok then.. no hair cut! :D


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