Amsterdam Tourist

Just came back from Amsterdam :D happy Me :)) Now.. this is My story:

My plan is leaving Eindhoven at 09:28 on 18 February 2006 and I ask Marc to take Me to the train station at 09:00. We arrived too early so I must wait for about 20 minutes and Marc leave Me because He want to go to the shop.

Ok, 09:25 the train arrived, I go inside the train sit down nice and…. something stupid happened! I forgot where I put My ticket! damn! I try to find it on My pants pockets, its not there.. I got panic.. I just grab My back pack and go out of the train, I don’t want to pay alot of fee if I got caught by the officials not bringing ticket and also to find My ticket, may be I drop it somewhere.

Searching… searching… no luck, I didn’t found My ticket :( I try to find it again on My pants pockets.. no its not there! slide My left hand to My left jacket pocket and guess what!? its there! damn! :D but the train already leave :((

Call Marc to meet Me at the train station just to accompy Me and asking Him wheter the ticket still valid, fortunetly yes! :)) so I’m just waiting the next train to come. Its about 20 minutes from the last train.

The train is coming. I sit on double floor – Marc’s suggestion, so I can get better view. Thanks :D – the journey time is about 1 hour and 46 minutes. Its a nice trip :) Just see the landscape its very beautiful :p

to be continued..


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