At Last Founder and Co-Founder of Has Met

This post also continuing My post Amsterdam Tourist.

One of My purpose going to Amsterdam is meeting with Jose, Co-Founder of We already working together for more than 3 years and never met eyes-to-eyes before! :) thanks to the internet.

He show Me several tourism places in Amsterdam, I took alot of pictures there. Amsterdam is a nice city, with alot of beautiful buildings and landscapes.

We then go to Jose’s place. I stay at His place for one night.

On sunday We go to the church, but We are too late.. may be because We got tired after walking around Amsterdam – just as an excuse of Our laziness :D

Then on the afternoon We play football with other Indonesian youth that study in Netherland. Well, I don’t like football so I can’t play it, just play for 10 minutes and then I switch My role to a good spectator :p

Below is a picture of Me and Jose in Amsterdam:

Markus and Jose


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