Can I Start Coding Now?

Hmm.. am I bored making documentation? Yes to be honest :D well.. I’m a programmer, and a programmer job is to write a software code. But after 2 weeks in QnAp iT BV – Netherland, don’t want to miss that word :D just as a reminder for You readers :) – I’m still making documentation..

Documentation.. documentation.. and documentation what a boring task for a programmer.. but in other hand I’m also happy with this task in QnAp iT BV – Netherland, again :D – because I got one step forward in software engineering which is a Software Designer or Software Architect or bla.. bla.. – there is several names for the job and I don’t know exactly what is the different – here I learn much from Ruud Mulder, Marc Jongen and Frank Mulders.

Alot of discussion needed to make a good documentation for making a software, especially with the customer who order the software. You need to know exactly what the customer wants the software do and perform, because some times the customer ask for a feature that not really needed to achieve what He wants – there is another solution thats better or much simpler to make.

I learn this from Ruud and Marc. Yo..! Marc thanks for playing your role as a REAL customer :)) A real customer will always keep changing His mind :D so a progress meeting document is also important. You need to write down all point that already agreed both by programmer and the customer so there is no – hopefully – discussion that discuss the same thing again and again and again – don’t re-invent the wheel.

I feel that My working progress is slow, I hope I can learn fast and speed up things so I’m not disappointing My biggest customer: My BOSS :-SS


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