Carnaval at Eindhoven (Bule Gila)

Today I’m going to Eindhoven with Linda and Ferdi to see the Carnaval. The carnaval is held once a year for 3 days.

All peoples goes crazy.. absolutely crazy! strange costume, wierd make up, singing, dancing, drinking beer until get drunk. Its very very crowded, it just like all peoples in Netherland go out to the streets. It was very fun.

Carnaval - All peoples goes crazy!

It was very cold, but some crazy guys only wear a short pants! but the ladies is more insane :-O they only wear miniskirt and stockings! as You can see on the picture above, the girl is not wearing a jacket. I was wearing a jeans and still can feel the cold weather, I think the have rhinoceros skins :))

We met with Andi and Lena at carnaval then We walk together.

Its getting dark and We feel hungry, so We get dinner at Kam Po restourant – It seems this restourant is Linda and Lena’s favourite :D – again. This is the 3rd time I eat in this restourant.

Even after the night comes, peoples still coming to the centrum wearing strange costume. They go to the cafes that play loud music and dance like crazy. When things get crazy You should be aware because alot of people get drunk and You don’t want get into trouble with drunken crazy people.

Now I see the real ‘Bule Gila’ :D


5 thoughts on “Carnaval at Eindhoven (Bule Gila)”

  1. Itu kostum ndagel tenan, atlit american football tapi kepalanya malah jadi bola hahahah… LOL…

    Tentang rok mini, hmm, itu kan demi style maaaaaaan! Di KR juga begitu…

    Tapi kalo di Beijing malah orang2 Indo yg baju-nya tipis2 (soalnya males pake dobel2), kalo org KR atau JP bajunya tebal2 (tapi tetep rok mini). Yg baju n celana tebel2 malah org Russia (dah kebiasaan) :p

  2. The carnaval should be for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but this year it held until Tuesday, so it’s 5 days :p

    For daily activity I think they still go working in the morning and go to the carnaval in the evening. Saturday and Sunday is not working day here, so they can go to the carnaval all day.

  3. It’s a full day! See.. not everybody go to work, such as the youth, they still can go to the bars, cafe or walk in the streets wearing costumes.

    The parade indeed, is only for a few hours in the morning.

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