Dinner with Notenboom Family

Yesterday night, Johan and Debbie ask Me and Ferdy to come to Their home and have dinner together. Johan’s house is about 15 minutes from QnAp office. His house is not too big – typical house in Netherland, because land and building in Netherland is very – very expensive :-O with the same amount of money to buy a small house here in Netherland, You can buy a house as big as a football court in Indonesia! :-O – but its a nice house :)

Johan can cook also hehe :D He cook rice for Me and Ferdi. See below :p We had a delicious dinner.

Cooking with Johan

After dinner We watch videos, Johan’s family videos. He record when He and His family go to Paris and Bali, really nice. From this Me and Ferdi knows that Johan love His family very very much.. and someday I’ll experience the same thing.. :D but it still long long.. time.. :D

Mr. Johan ‘Nice Guy’ Notenboom also give Me and Ferdi a gift - He is playing his role as Santa ‘Johan’ Clauss :)) – A very nice blue sweater for Me and brown sweater for Ferdi. Dank U Well Johan.


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