Hightech Campus

This afternoon I go to Hightech Campus with Johan, We are visiting Rob this time. Johan had a meeting with Rob just the same with Patrick Bonne last time.

About Hightech Campus, may be You’ll think that it is a school or an university but its not :D Hightech Campus is a complex where PHILIPS office operated, PHILIPS also do research in Hightech Campus. The complex it self is very big and consist of several building, they even still build more building :-O

Hightech Campus is in another location with PHILIPS office where Patrick Bonne works. As We know that PHILIPS is a big company but I never imagine that PHILIPS is very big! alot bigger than what I think. Their product is not only electronics or kitchen stuff like blender, microwave or coffee machine that We familiar with, but also semiconductor and medical systems.

Medical systems can be said as a new division of PHILIPS. Johan said that this division generate alot of money for PHILIPS. They making medical equipment that being used by hospital and may be other organisation that works in health care. Different with hospitals in Indonesia, Johan said that hospitals in Netherland is rich so they can buy a bleeding edge technology, that is why medical systems generate alot of money for PHILIPS.

In Hightech Campus there is also a restaurant, cafe, seminar room – or something like that, because I see a group of people attend on a room listening one speaker in front of them – and more, this facility can only be used by the employee of PHILIPS.

Rob is working for PHILIPS semiconductor, He works as Quality Assurance. Currently PHILIPS are making chips or IC – Integrated Circuit – or something like that :-/ Rob speak so fast and talk about hardware that I’m not fully understand :D He is a little bit busy right now, especially with the re-organisation in PHILIPS that causing many thing seems unclear for Him, for instance Quality Assurance standard that PHILIPS have now, there are 5 standards so as person that working on Quality Assurance He need to know 5 of them and know when to apply them #.-S

In the same building I also met with Peter van der Kamp, He also work for PHILIPS semiconductor but I belive different division with Rob. We only have a short chat as I and Johan need to go back to QnAp office.


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