Internet is Dead

The Internet was dead this morning and all people in the office wondering why.. why.. whhhyyyyy….??? Last night the Internet still working fine, I was writing My blog at 24.00. I guess there is some problem with the DNS server but when I try to type My server’s IP I still can’t connect :((

Then Johan found a solution, He use QnAp server as the DNS server and He can connect again to the Internet. He is quite surprising as a manager :-O because He knows technical stuff like IP settings :)) I’m glad He didn’t ask Me to make resume of why the Internet is dead :p

Because Johan can access the Internet now, He check the ISP website and found that They do a maintenance last night. So thats the reason why the Internet is dead.

We had a teleconference with Ki in Indonesia at 10.00 and after the teleconference finished – its about 40 minutes or so – Frank found that the Internet works again without needing to manually configure the DNS server. Yes.. We are back online! :D


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