Linspire Live!

Awesome! Linspire is a variant of Linux operating system that have the best GUI I ever see :p below is the screenshot of Linspire!

Linspire Live!

Linspire have a clean and iconic GUI very nice and also it have look and feel like Microsoft Windows, so user that migrate from Windows to Linspire feeling familiar with it’s interface.

Another thing that very insteresting from Linspire is that it automaticly detect My laptop’s wireless and configure it! so i can connect to internet without manually install drivers and configure it, very nice :) not like other flavor of Linux that I had tried before where you must download wireless drivers, install it, configure it (manually) and if You lucky it works :D if not you better plug the UTP cable now :))

My soundcard also detected and can play sound :D and again automaticly detected and configured :p

From My first impression about Linspire, I think I like this operating system altough if You want the desktop version (not live CD) you must buy it for about $50. The live cd version is free however :)

Happy Linuxing


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