Pirates of Silicon Valley

Just finish watching a movie titled “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, its story about 2 person that have big influence in computer world: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. As We know Steve Jobs are the founder of Apple that known by its Apple Macintosh computer and Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft that known by its Operating System MS Windows.

The movie is about how this two person starts their company, they start it from nothing until it getting big and bigger and makes them a rich man.

In this movie We can see business tricks that they are using when they started their company, it seems dirty but thats the way business works right? or may be not all :D

The funny thing is, in this movie both Jobs and Gates following the same quote “Good artists, copy. Great artists, steal” :d Jobs do steal the first Graphical User Interface from Xerox to make Macintosh and then Gates steal Macintosh’s GUI to make MS Windows :D nice huh?! :))


3 thoughts on “Pirates of Silicon Valley”

  1. Hehe.. Man as Jobs and Gates have the same quote “Good artist copy. Great artist steal” you should also steal the movie from the maker :))

    Use bittorrent ;)

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