Tweaking RevTI’s Server

This afternoon – Netherland time – RevTI server got a big hit from users. The server’s load goes up to 45! its very very busy. Alot of HTTP request comes to Apache so it takes alot of CPU time and memory.

Tonight I was planned to tweak Apache, MySQL and PHP. I guess My last tweak on MySQL causes it takes alot of memory so I change it back to old configuration. Re-configure again the Apache and then install eAccelerator a PHP cache software.

eAccelerator function is to cache the PHP binary code each a PHP script executed and interpreted, so the PHP interpreter didn’t need to interpreted the same PHP script again. Its save time, CPU and memory resources.

I download and install eAccelerator. The installation was succeed, PHP running great, all website that use PHP running, seems no problem occured. Then I check the eAccelerator temporary directory where cached PHP script supposed to be, but the folder is empty while I already access PHP based website on the server, so I guess it should be more than one file there.

Then I know the reason.. unfortunetly I install PHP as CGI which is not supported by eAccelerator. eAccelerator only support PHP that installed as Apache module. Sad :( but true..


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