Backpacker in Luxemburg

Last Friday Me, Ki and Ferdi are going to Luxemburg, there is a Mineral Expo there that Ki and His friend A Min selling stones. We are at Luxemburg for 3 days.

We went from Nuenen at 18.00. On the way from Netherland to Luxemburg We got a traffic jam, totally jammed until the cars really stop! Its the worse traffic jam I ever experience. We stuck for more than 4 hours X-(

We arrived in Luxemburg about 01.00 in the morning I-) so tired. We go to the hotel, check in and go to sleep I-).

Day 1

On saturday We go to Luxexpo, the place where the Mineral Expo is held. While Ki is selling stones, Me and Ferdi are travelling to the city. Luxemburg is beautiful especially the buildings there its very european.

When We walking around, there is a bridge, its very big and beautiful, Me and Ferdi want to take picture together, because We dont have a tripod so We need other people to take picture for Us. Luckyly We met with Mr. Guy – spoken as “Gi”, French spelling – He is very nice guy, He help taking picture for Me and Ferdi.

Guy, Ferdi, Me

After that Mr. Guy taking Us see around, We even do some hiking :D We go to the hill to have better view of the city. It was very beautiful. Mr. Guy said that, that day is the most snow ever after 50 years ago, so I think We are very lucky because the white of snow is making the city more beautiful.


After walking for a couple hours, We then say good bye and thank you to Mr. Guy because He is going home. Then Me and Ferdi continue walking around the city again while waiting Ki for picking Us back to the Hotel.

Day 2

On Sunday Me and Ferdi go to the city again, actually We a little bit bored walking in the city because We already done it yesterday. But.. when We walk to other side that We didn’t see yesterday We found something new, a public park! We take some photos there. Then I saw a black guy, He is acting very suspicious – I think He is a criminal – Ferdi saw Him to and feel the same, We a little bit scared if Our feeling is true, so We leave the park as soon as possible.

We are not travelling for long on 2nd day because at 17.00 We must back to Luxexpo to packing the stones and go back to Netherland.

Ki did succed selling a big stone to Miss Natalie :D its a big money.. at 18.00 We deliver the stone to Miss Natalie’s house, its an apartment with 2 floor and She want to put the stone on the 2nd floor, the problem is.. the stone are very big and very heavy – more than 100Kg I think – and Me, Ki and Ferdi must lift it up to the 2nd floor :D but We manage it.

Around 20.00 We going back to Netherland, this time no traffic jam, We arrive in Netherland on 23.00. At last I have internet connection again :D checking email time :p


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