Dji Sam Soe Advertising :D

This post will mainly in Indonesian, so sorry for readers that can’t speak Indonesian :D

Indonesian friends, please read paragraph below using the rythm of Dji Sam Soe advertising :p

Semalam Aku melihat CD kenangan
Teringat Aku akan teman-teman kuliah
Cowok-cowok yang keren lagi ganteng
Cewek-cewek yang cakep lagi seksi
Tak sabar aku pulang ke Indonesia….
Bulan depan…

:)) cool poem huh? tonight when I see again photos of My friends in college – suddenly I want to see it again, because alot of beautiful girls :) You know… :D – I also remember the advertising of Dji Sam Soe kretek about a guy that live in foreign country suddenly remember about His family in a village in Indonesia just because smelling the aroma of Dji Sam Soe kretek on a party. He then writing an email to His brother to acknowledge His brother that He will come back to Indonesia next month.

I’m also will come back to Indonesia next month, but actually I don’t want to come back to Indonesia :D I want to stay in Netherland for a few months more :D

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