Today all My collegues in Indonesia have a holidays for 2 days, because today is Thursday so They will have a long holidays - 4 days in total. The Hindu’s people in Indonesia celebrate “Nyepi”. Unfortunately here in Netherland people doesn’t celebrate Nyepi, so I don’t get a holiday :( but thats ok because I’ll get one day off tomorrow, I’ll go to Paris :D

I also heard that My friend Willy at QnAp Asia – Jakarta has been Knocked Down :D by a disease called Typhus. It’s a shame that He can’t enjoy the holidays. But then He is the fifth person at QnAp Asia that got Typhus, so.. who is next :D


6 thoughts on “Holiday”

  1. Hey Markus,

    Now it works :) I don’t know why it didn’t work last time. The Netherlands are not that mixed that they have hundreds of public holidays, than you should have went to Germany (they seem to have public holidays every week) or Belgium.

    Great to hear you will go to Paris! I hope you won’t get involved in any student strikes/problems:) Are there more people from QnAp Asia with a blog? I like to read what keeps them occupied.

    Thanks in advance, and once again, have a great time in Paris.


  2. At the moment only Me and Willy that have active blog :) Rudi Theunis also have a blog, you can see His blog on the right link under “The Associates”

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