Job Market CWI

This afternoon I’m going to a Job Market CWI with Johan. We going there as QnAp representative.

CWI is the organisation that manage jobless people in Netherland. They held the job market to “match making” between people who looking for a job and company that seeking for employee.

QnAp does have 2 vacancy, a Quality Assurance Officer and Software Engineer. When I see the requirement for Software Engineer, it is very simple, just ability to work with Visual Basic and MS Access. Thats it.. no other thing :D except Johan’s personal requirements :P – female, good looking, sexy, single and bla.. bla.. bla.., hey actually He have another vacancy, a secretary :D – it’s very different with job requirement in Indonesia where an employee candidate must have several skills that actually√ā¬†combination of 2 or 3 different job :p

The job market only held for 3 hours, thats true.. different again with Indonesia that usually a job fair – the way Indonesian call it – held almost a half day, may be because alot of unemployment in Indonesia. The people that came to the job market is not much – for Me – so I’m a little bit bored there, so do Johan because from several people that talk with Us only 2 that seems interesting and fullfill Our requirement. Other than that 2 candidate there is a woman that have alot of experience and from technical requirement She is very good, but She doesn’t fullfill other “Johan’s requirements” :D

Another different thing is that unemployment people in Netherland get some money or loan from the goverment so there is almost no people in Netherland that didn’t have money. The bad thing is if the unemployed person is a lazy person, His motivation to go working get low and low, thats why there is rules about the loan.


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