Problem With RSS Feed on WordPress

I update My blog 2 days ago to new version 2.0.1 everything is fine until today.. I found that there is a problem with Permalinks and RSS feed.

If I configure permalinks to ‘Date and name based’ then the RSS feed URL would be The problem is it show comments of My post on My blog, it should be show My post. It is wierd because it just work fine if I use default configuration which make the RSS feed URL to be:

Aagh.. crap! X-(


6 thoughts on “Problem With RSS Feed on WordPress”

  1. I decided to don’t care about the RSS feed, and change back the permalinks setting to ‘Date and name based’ because I like the URL format of ‘Date and name based’ permalinks :D

  2. There has been several bugs occurred in 2.0.1 WP. Stay tuned with BugTraq and keep it updated to the latest version, since WP is very famous, and many people are happy to hack it if they found a bug on it

  3. Engak ah.. WP enak kok pemakaiannya.. cuman masalah RSS doang gak penting. WP simple dan gak ada iklannya kecuali aku sendiri yang pasangi iklan :p

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