This evening I go skiing with other QnAp iT members on an indoor ski. Its a big refrigerator :D -5 Celcius I think, with 2 slopes one small and the other one is more longer and higher.

Me, Ferdi and Ria are taking a ski lesson for one hour because this is our first time do skiing :D it was very difficult even after get the ski lesson from the instructor :p

After finishing the lesson.. still doesn’t know how to stop :)) Me, Ferdi and Ria try to ski by our self. It was very fun :D

At first I thought that skiing is easy, I just need to sliding and move My legs a little bit, but.. I’m totally completely WRONG :)) it is very difficult even for going down the slope strait forward because the ice is very slippery and many times My legs split up to left and right and then I fall :(( or I can do it strait forward but then I go down very fast and I don’t know how to stop :D and to make things worst there is people in front of Me, so I just lean to the left or right so I turned and fall B-) My best trick to stop is to fall :))

I can't help falling..


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