Sneak Preview

Last night I go to the cinema with Remko, He is Ki’s neighbour and He also working on Zensoline project. We go watching Sneak Preview.

Sneak Preview is a special event from the cinema that held every Tuesday. On Sneak Preview the movie played is unpredictable, so every time You go to a Sneak Preview You’ll get surprise. Remko said that some time the movie played is really good but some time its really bad.

Luckyly when I go to Sneak Preview the movie was good, the title is “Running Scared” it is a story about an undercover police, Joe. He try to catch mafia member, so He goes inside the mafia organization and do crimes. The mafia trust Him to take care disposing the gun they used for doing crime. But something bad happens, because Joe keep the gun on his cellar and His son – about 12 years old - and friend of His son play at the cellar, They found the gun. Unfortunately Joe’s son’s friend called Oleg have problem with His stepfather so Oleg steal the gun and shot His stepfather. Now the police looking for that gun and the mafia also looking that gun because if the police found it first They will get trouble. I won’t tell the complete story here :D because I’m not a good storyteller.


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