Updating a Post

I was thinking about how to update a blog posting that I posted before, some times I need to update a posting because the story didn’t correct again or there is an update for that story. There are 3 posibilities:

  1. Create a new post
  2. Adding comment to that post
  3. Editing the post

Ok. For the first choice – create a new post – I think it is improper, because: I’m not posting a new story, I just updating the story because something happens after I post that story. So this choice I’m not going to use for the sake of post counter :D

Second choice, I think its wierd to giving comment to a story while I actualy not commenting it – again, I update it – This choice I use on a post on the past and I feel its not correct, so that is – I hope – the last commenting on My post that I do. Of course I still can comment on a comment that posted by a friend or visitor that reading My blog :D

Third choice, I think this is the most suiteable because I edit (update) the story, but then the problem is how to differentiate the old post with the addition post? choice number 2 give an idea :D I just edit the HTML of the post – WP have a feature to edit the post’s HTML manually – and add a

tag with the same CSS class of a comment, You can see the result on My post before this post.


2 thoughts on “Updating a Post”

  1. Kalau aku biasane update post trus ada 2 kemungkinan:

    1. Kalau update-nya banyak, tidak sekedar ralat, aku tambahin di bawahnya pake sub judul baru misalnya “Tambahan” atau “Update” trus aku kasih tanggal dan jam secara manual (diketik sendiri).

    2. Kalau update-nya cuma sekedar ralat dikit aku pake tag strike buat nyoret hal yang salah, trus kasih yg bener di sebelahnya. Kalau perlu aku tambahin siapa yg mengusulkan / ngasih tau. Dan menurutku, nggak perlu aku kasih tanggal dan jam.

    Punyamu hasilnya juga bagus kok :)

  2. nice tips :D thanks..

    appearantly the way that I use now doesn’t work well to all themes :( because some themes didn’t boxing the comments like current theme Green Marinee. So the update will look a little bit ugly :(

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