3rd Times In Amsterdam

Just several days before I’m going back to Indonesia, I want to meet with My friend from Indonesia that study here, His name is Erwin. Erwin is My friend’s – Willy, but not Willy at QnAp, I’m talking another Willy :D – younger brother, so I know Erwin.

We already make an appointment to meet at Amsterdam Centraal station, from there We will go to Haarlem the city where He lives. I arrived in Amsterdam Centraal at 12.00, I must wait for about 15 minutes because Erwin still on the way. Erwin come with His girlfriend Ruth – pretty girl :)

We take a walk in Amsterdam for a couple of hours, I ask Erwin to take Me to the Red Light district. Red Light is a famous place in Amsterdam, it’s a prostitution center – hmm.. it sound harsh isn’t it? to call a place as “prostitution center” but it does the center – If You go there, You will see alot of young girls or adult woman behind the glass only using underware trying to sell their body to the tourists.

Amsterdam is a big city where I think it’s the most “free” city in Netherland as prostitution and marijuana are sell/practiced legally here.

After walking around the Red Light district Erwin and Ruth taking Me to IKEA, it’s a big shop where You can buy furniture and kichen stuff. IKEA is very big, they have a show room where they place the furnitures to show the potential buyers what will the furniture looks like if it’s places on a room by doing this IKEA also give some idea of interior design to the potential buyers.

From IKEA We continue to the centrum of Haarlem, it’s not big actually just the same with Eindhoven. Me and Erwin had an ice cream in the centrum while Ruth go back to Her house. At 21.00 there is a flower parade called “Flower Corso” if I’m not mistaken, but I only saw it for about 20 minutes or so as it’s getting colder and I’m only using sweater. I had a wrong prediction about the weather.  I thought today will be warm enough because yesterday the weather is good so I only use sweater, wrong decision.. it was very cold in Amsterdam!

It’s getting late so I must go to the train station and go back to Nuenen. I leaving from Amsterdam at 22.38 and the travel time is one and a half hour so I expect I arrived at Eindhoven at 24.00. I had doubt wheter I can catch the last bus to Nuenen so I call Marc Jongen to pick Me up.. hehe.. fussing Marc again :D


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