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This morning Marc seems very happy with His new Yahoo Messenger :) welcome to the club! On His first day of using YM He already found something fun with YM: You can chat with Your self! how to do it? just add Your own Yahoo ID as a new contact. You will need to do some approval for Your self :) after that You can start chatting Your self :p

I try to do the same thing with MSN Messenger but it seems that MSN is sucks :D You can add Your self to Your contact list but every time You double click Your self You will open a new email – in My case I redirected to My Hotmail account with My own Hotmail email address already filled in on the To: field.


8 thoughts on “Chat With Your Self”

  1. Hey who are You? I forgot :D are You Rosi that also study at UKDW? One gank with Yuyud and Inus? If yes, then I know You :) and no I’m not forgot You hehe :D

  2. ohohoh yes I am .. I’m rosi who study at UKDW and Yuyud also Inus’s friends :D

    this april srex will graduate from UKDW .. :)

    arggghhh when will I graduate from here .. ??!! :((

  3. Oh.. Hi.. Rosi.. long time no see :p

    the time for Your gratuation will come, just hang on there and keep studying :d

    I read Your blog and want to add some comment, but I can’t do it because Your blog setting doesn’t allow anonymous submiter.

    About Your plan to go to Singapore, don’t worry, I heard that Singapore has a good public transportation – metro if I’m not mistaken – Just get metro map and then You can go everywhere in the country, Singapore is small country after all :D

    Be carefull with Your wallet – be aware of pickpockets – and Mobile phone cost :D this is from My experience when I’m in Paris :p

  4. yeah the mobile cost was very2 expensive #-o

    yeah but unfotunately I just accompanied my mom .. so I haven’t try the MRT yet . .and the bus ..

    paris .. ?? your wallet was picked by pickpockets, was’n it ?? :D

    nice to hear that you can go arround the world to see evrything that I can not see .. :)

  5. hey I have already edit my comment’s setting. You can try to post some comments in my BLOG. If it still can’t post, tell me again .. okey .. ?? :D

  6. No, My wallet not pickpocketed :)

    So You not travelling around the country? or only go to the shopping mall?

    I can post comment to Your blog, but still need Your approval.

  7. yeah .. I still confused why if we want to post some comments still need some approval from me .. :-L

    no I’m not travelling around the country. I just accompanied my mom in exhibition. She needed some help to get the supplier’s stand in the exhibition room ’cause we needed some map to get the stand :D

    we went in Orchard ROad at night and it’s quite fun. I hope I can go there again. I have some plan to buy something there. But it’s still in my mind .. :D

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