Internet Banking Account Locked

Damn! My internet banking account is locked because I type wrong password 3 times, now I can’t access it again, shit! I read the FAQ about forgot password and it says that I can get a new password, the problem is I must go to the ATM to get the new password – re-register internet banking account via ATM – and there is no ATM from My bank here in the Netherlands. Now I’m not sure I can get a new password or not..


  1. on April 06, 2006 at 01:15

    The customer support of My bank replied My email and said that it’s impossible to create/send a new account via internet. The only easy way is via ATM, and of course there is no Indonesian bank ATM here in Netherland. Guess I’ll not able to access My bank account for this month. I will recreate it after I come back to Indonesia at the end of this month.


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  1. modar kon mangkane janjilah kepada seluruh staf qnap asia jika pulang dengan selamat ke jakarta adakan slametan makan padang yang “sederhana” sampe muntah

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