Philips Cordless Telephone

Just bought a package of Philips cordless telephone, I want to buy it for My Mom in Indonesia. I went to Media Markt with Marc, He also want to get more information about digital camera He want to buy. The cordless telephone cost 49 Euro, it consists of two cordless handset. I think the price 49 Euro for two handset Philips cordless phone is cheap especially it’s a Philips product.

Philips Cordless Phone

After We arrived at home, We try the phone and its have different cable with telephone in Indonesia. It has a RJ-11 on one end and a 4 pin head – just like male jack on electronic stuff, but in this case there is 4 not 2 - Then We turn on the phone and on initial setup there is only Netherland and Belgium options altough on the startup it’s in English.

I’m not sure if the phone will work in Indonesia, but it’s only the connector and language, it should be the same hardware everywhere. I think it’s impossible if Philips make the phone only for Netherland and Belgium. Well I make the conclusion based on My laptop. I bought My laptop in Indonesia, but it has European connector that have 3 pins – there is also an American connector, but I use the European one – and it still can be used in Indonesia. If the phone does work in Indonesia, the only problem is the languange, guess My family need to learn Dutch hehe :D


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  1. Dear Markus,

    Please check the phone system (phone language). It is not menu language or connector problems only. I do not sure that the phone same with Telkom system,(pulse, voltage,etc). There are many phone system.


    Dion S

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