Tour de Kinderdijk

Yesterday I go to Rotterdam, I had an appointment with Sam Warnaars. I walk to the bus stop at 8.30, I must catch a bus at 8.45 to go to Eindhoven station then I go to Rotterdam by train.

I got some trouble with the ticket machine, it always reject My debit card. I was able to buy ticket from the ticket machine before, so it make Me confused. I end up with buying the ticket on the station office which cost Me 0,5 Euro more – typing cost – but its okay.

I must wait for the train that depart at 9.39, actually there is a train that depart at 9.09, but I’ll be to soon to arrive at Rotterdam. Eindhoven – Rotterdam only take one hour travel time. I arrived at Rotterdam at about 10.30 and Sam already wait for Me on the station hall.

After that He take Me to His parent’s house to meet His father Lucas. Meneer Lucas is a very nice person, We had a nice conversation about Netherland geographical situation. After that We go to some place where there is alot of windmills, I don’t know the name before I read Sam’s blog :D the name of the place is Kinderdijk.

The windmills function is to pull out the water to the main river that connect to the sea – Netherland land is below the sea level, thats why They make the windmill – It was build years ago, once I saw a windmill that build on 1730, thats very old windmill and I think it’s still working.

Me and Sam in Kinderdijk

After Tour de Kinderdijk, We go back to Meneer Lucas’s house and have some lunch, then Sam take Me to visit His sister Eleonoor. Eleonoor live in the center of Rotterdam with Her two friends, We also had a nice conversation.

PS: She is a good looking girl, You know.. :D For My friends in Indonesia especially Budi at QnAp Asia: Sorry dude! this is for My private ‘collection’ no photos :p

At about 18.00 Me and Sam say good bye to Elenoor and go to the train station, Sam must go to work tomorrow and I don’t want to be back home very late. I arrived at Eindhoven station at about 19.15, I was missed the bus to Nuenen so I must wait for about one hour :(( before the next bus come – this is what I hate from Nuenen’s bus transportation, the bus frequency is very low, 1 hour a time, well maybe the bus go to other than Nuenen have more frequency but I’m not sure. But I managed to go back to home so no problem.


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  1. Hey Markus, it was nice to meet you and at my place. I am looking forward to meet you again in Jakarta and to get to know the people in the Asian office.

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