Volendam and Keukenhof

Today Me together with Uncle Charlie, Aunt Stance, Aunt Sam, Linda and Ferdi went to Volendam and Keukenhof. We leave QnAp office at 09.00 and go to Volendam first.

At Volendam We take photos with traditional Volendam’s costume. The costume it self is very simple, a plain black pants, black shirt and a black hat. After finish taking photos, We need to wait for one hour before We can get the result so to killing the time We go to souvenir shop, I want to buy something for My family in Indonesia as the date that I’m going back to Indonesia is near. After one hour We go back to the photo studio to get Our photos. We didn’t spend much time in Volendam as the main destination is Keukenhof.

We arrived at Keukenhof around 12.00 then We get some lunch – Aunt Stance and Linda already prepare Our lunch from home – then We enter Keukenhof park. Keukenhof park is very big. There is so many kind of flowers there, it’s very beautiful.

Keukenhof Parking Ticket

I also interested with the music juke box – I don’t know what it’s name – which operated automaticly. If a CD player using disk to store the music, the juke box is using a card that have holes in it, just like a “punch card“ for computer in old days.

Around 18.00 We planning to go back home, but I heard there is a “Pasar Malam” in Rotterdam, so I want to go there and see. Pasar Malam is a market – the name already describe what it is, in Indonesian of course – where the sellers sells asian stuffs, not only from Indonesia. We arrived at the Pasar Malam at 19.00 which only one hour before it is closed and today is the last day so when We came, some sellers already prepare to pack Their stuffs. We spend about one hour there and then visit Aunt Stance’s son’s house. We stay there for one hour and then go back home to Nuenen. We arrived at 23.00, I’m tired but today is fun for Me.


  1. on April 18, 2006 at 14:56

    Got the name of the music juke box: Draaiorgel :D thanks to Marc Jongen for the information.


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