Back to Jogjakarta

Just arrived in Jogjakarta My hometown at 23.00. I went to Jogjakarta with My big brother, His sister and His girlfriend. We traveled for more than 12 hours by car, while it only took 1 hour by plane :D Why would I waste My time by going back from Jakarta to Jogjakarta by car? the answer is simple, it is more cheaper :p and I travel with three other peoples so I have friends to talk with.

We make an hour stop in Kroya, We have an Aunt there so We visit Her and take a rest. It has been a long long time ago since I saw Her, maybe it’s more than 10 years :-o wow.. We had a dinner together there and then continue Our travel to Jogja.

I’m so tired though I already experiencing sitting inside the plane for more than 12 hours, it still different with sitting in the car as the road is very bumpy. But I do get a beautiful view on the way to Jogjakarta and I like it.


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