Bought New 1GB USB Disk

Just bought an USB disk with 1GB capacity, it cost Rp. 260.000,- which is cheap for 1GB USB disk. I bought it because I want to use it for saving My emails, I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird Portable which can be downloaded in Portable Apps website.

Portable Thunderbird is an email client, it’s a modified version of Mozilla Thunderbird that can be runned from an USB Disk, SD Card, CD-RW and External Harddisk without installing it. What I like from portable Thunderbird are:

  1. I can run My favorite email client – which is Thunderbird – to check My email from any computer that have internet connection.
  2. All My emails are saved on the USB Disk, so I can read it on any computer too.
  3. I don’t need web mail to access My POP3 email when I’m not using My own computer.

One disadvantage of using portable Thunderbird is that it is slow. Because the application are in the USB Disk which can’t be as fast as harddisk, even using the USB 2.0 version, it’s still slow. But the mobility of the application pay the slowness :D


2 thoughts on “Bought New 1GB USB Disk”

  1. Nice argumentation on why to use an USB stick for your mail Markus. I didn”t know there were applications like this. I use gmail now mostly, because it’s accessable thru the web. But I can imagine a web connection isn’t the same here as it is there.. So I should think about getting some of your advice on how to work around this difference. This seems like a fair sollution.

    Oh, and about my stuff.. I’ve lived in Asgard, my frat house, for over 5 years now. At my parents only the valuable things are stored like the furniture I inherited.. All my books and stuff are here at Asgard – not too much, since it all fits into one room, but still too much to just put away. So i am happy my boss gave me a room for storing my stuff in the company.

  2. Actually GMail works great in Indonesia too.. so I think You still can use Your GMail account. My problem is that My main email account is using My own server where the webmail is not using AJAX technology like GMail does, also I don’t have internet connection on My boarding house, so if I’m not using portable Thunderbird I can’t read My email at My boarding house.

    The portable applications not only email client, there are word processor, anti virus, internet messaging (chatting), calendar, and more.. so it is possible to have “computer without computer” that is one of the slogan of portable applications :D

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