Break Shot Re-match

Yesterday Budy ask Me to play billiard again, He seem so happy with billiard games the day before yesterday :D so He want to play again. Actually I a little bit lazy to play again, but since He’ll pay for the table it’s not good to refuse a good offering :))

So We play 18 games: 9 games of Nine Ball and 9 games of Eight Ball, which both I lose 4 – 5 and 4 – 5 to Budy :(( I lose because I pocketed the white ball several times. But I’m quite proud to My self because on a Eight Ball game I pocketed 5 balls in a row :D which not bad for Me :p


2 thoughts on “Break Shot Re-match”

  1. This week i am very busy ,yesterday i took part in an English speech contest.I really realise that my English is so poor,i have many many things to learn.
    Just now i found many photoes of my city ,but you have not give me your e-mail address,i do not know where to send these photoes.

  2. i’m sending you an email couple days ago to your email address at on 20 May with ‘Hello’ as the subject. Check your mail and maybe my mail goes to your junk/bulk folder.

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