Break Shot

Last night Budy invite Me to play billiard with His friends Henny and Desy. We leave from QnAp office at 17.00. But before We go to billiard I ask Budy to take Me to Taman Anggrek Mall, I need to do some banking stuff on the ATM.

Unfortunetly the ATM is out of service so I cancel My plan. To be frankly, I had a secret agenda :D which I’m not telling Budy at first. I want to meet with a friend of Mine which currently She is coming to Her brother in Jakarta. We met in front of the ice rink in TA, as each of Us have Our own plan, so it’s not much conversation We had.

After We split up, I and Budy go to Flicks, it’s a billiard center near QnAp office. We play until 21.30, it was so fun! amazingly Budy play quite well this time while usually He is sucks! :D I’m also play quite well, Me My self impressed with My play last night :))

Because Budy have a big self convidence after winning several game last night, He ask Me to play again today, but I refuse it as I’m not interested playing billiard today.


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