Code Review

Today a was invited to join a code review meeting by Mr. Yenn, He is the project leader of OWG project that currently on the finishing phase.

The meeting went well with several remarks from Me :) actualy most of the remarks are come from Me, I hope the OWG team doesn’t take it personally as I only do My part as reviewer.

A code review meeting as what it called are a meeting to review a piece of code from the whole software that currently being made. The purposes of code review are:

  1. To check whether the code already following the coding standard or not.
  2. To check whether the code already following the software design.
  3. To check the code algorithm. Improve it if it’s possible. What I mean with improving code are make the code more ‘simple’, ‘readable’, ‘logical’ and ‘works’

Generally a code review is to make the code to be better code and not to discredit the programmer or the project team. So always keep in mind that a code review is a meeting to help programmer to write better codes.


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