Earthquake in Jogjakarta

This morning I was awaken by mother nature, a big earthquake shakes Jogjakarta at 05.55 in the morning. I was very shocked because the earthquake is very big, the biggest earthquake that I ever experience in My life in Jogjakarta. I woke up in hurry and go out of My home. My family also get out the house, so does the neighbors.

All things fallen down, walls cracked or damaged, houses destroyed, electricity went down, mobile phone hardly connected, all people panicked. Some part of My house also cracked and damaged.

Damaged Ceiling

The worst thing happen to My neighbor because the second floor of Their house are completely destroyed, I’m really feel sorry for Them as They are a poor family and the earthquake make They suffer even more.

My Neighbor's house

I decide to do city seeing after the earthquake to know what happen in other part of the city, My sister want to join Me so both of us see around using Our motorcycle. I take several pictures of collapsed building, cracked walls, and peoples that got injured by the earthquake.

Pojok Beteng Kulon Cracked brigde

The area that had the worst impact of the earthquake are Bantul, where many poor peoples live there. Their houses are poorly builded so it’s not so strong when the earthquake hit. Many people get injured because the walls and the roof are collapsed. As the earthquake happen in the morning when many people still sleeping or still sleepy so peoples aren’t prepared for this.


Injured villagers Damaged House

Damaged House BPK - Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan - Office

The hospitals are full of injured peoples, alot of peoples are bleeding in Their head, it’s very terrible! traffic jam happen near hospital as many people want to get treatment. Ambulance and Police are very busy.

Then I went to see Saphire Square, one of the new malls in Jogjakarta. It also had an impact from the earthquake, some walls are broken down. I was planning to see Plaza Ambarukmo too, it’s the biggest mall in Central Java, but suddenly all people went panicked, I got a phone call from My Mom that the sea level has risen! it’s a Tsunami!!

All peoples yelled “The water is risen!!” many times, the others are get paniced and turned around, all peoples went to the north as the earthquake happen in the sea and it’s located on the south of Jogjakarta. I follow the flow as I don’t want to take any risk, but deep in My heart I don’t think that it’s true.

My feeling was correct, it just an issue, some fucking assholes spread the issue to make peoples panicked. Their fear are understandable, after the Tsunami that happen in Aceh, people always afraid of earthquake. I go back to the south again, forgeting all that tsunami crap. I go to My uncle’s house as My mother are being there.

After that I went to My Grandfather with My Mom to know how He is doing, is He save or not. Gladly He is save, just the house are cracked all over the place.


  1. on May 17, 2006 at 08:30

    Just small updates, I put photos that I take when I do city seeing. Information from the radio said that the earthquake was 5,8 Richter, the casualties are more than 1700 peoples death, more than 3000 peoples get injured and more than 17.000 houses are destroyed.

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  1. The water was risen because of the feedback, caused by the quake. So water from the beach came back and it causes some floods, but it’s not tsunami. Maybe people had bad experience with Aceh, so they were so scared if it was a tsunami again.

  2. I do not live on any of those islands, nor have I ever visited before. I actually live in the United States. I’m not even Indonesian. My husband is, though and I try to stay current on his culture for our childeren’s sake. I have a fiend in Jogjakarta and he told me of the huge earthquake that hit. I was completely heart-broken when I heard of the news. Ijust wanted to let everyone know that my prayers go out to all that were affected by this tragedy.

  3. Hey,I feel so sorry for what happened.My mom are from jogja thought and she’s heading there yesterday to help our relative.I wish all the luck fr you guys.Hope you’re okay.Cause I’ve been to jogja and it’s simply amaizing.Can’t wait to see it for the third time..

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