Hang Out With Angels

Last Saturday I had an re-scheduled meeting with My friend, actually We planned to meet each other on Sunday, but suddenly She SMS’ed Me that She had another meeting with Her friend so She want to meet Me in the same time as the meeting place is near to My place which is Taman Anggrek Mall.

I go to Taman Anggrek (TA) by foot :D as I hear a story from Ruud that He once go to TA by foot, so I also want to try it too :) – following the trail of My mentor. It’s not too far after all, it just a little bit dangerous as there is no sidewalk for pedestrian, so I walk on the road and You know the traffic in Jakarta is horrible. I took about 20 minutes from My boarding house to TA. With a little bit of sweat :) – I was hoping that I’m not stink because I’m sweating :p.

In TA I met My friend with Her friends from Bandung, We take a walk for a moment in TA, My new friends from Bandung want to go shopping. Not for long in TA We go to small hotel near TA to check in, there is 3 boys from Bandung that want to stay for one night in Jakarta. Then We continue to Citra Land (CL), leaving the three boys that want to stay in the Hotel. Now there are only 3 boys in the group – including Me :D – with bunch on pretty girls O:-) hehe..

The girls seems enjoying the shopping, while We the boys just as a “guarding dog” waiting outside the shop :(( but nevermind as I don’t have nothing to do in My boarding house after all :p So We the boys just talk and discuss alot of things.

From CL We continue to La Piazza, but before We go there, We pick up another girl :D We had dinner together in La Piazza. We finished around 21.00, because it was late already and the location of La Piazza is far far away in addition of traffic jam so I decide to go to My big brother place which from La Piazza is nearer rather than My boarding house.

So I split up with the others and wait My big brother to come to pick Me as He also on the way to buy some medicine on a Mall near La Piazza.

It was a fun day. I met so many new friends in one day.


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