Mission Impossible 3

Last night I watch Mission Impossible 3 at Taman Anggrek Mall with My friends. As always it’s a good movie. I like the army gadget that Ethan Hunt’s team used, it’s so cool.. I won’t tell You what gadget it is, You must see it by Your self :p

Another thing is one of My friends that watch the movie with Me is that I haven’t see Her again in more than 5 months, I’m happy to see Her again :) even not much We talk about as We usually chat via Yahoo Messenger.

Mission complete!


10 thoughts on “Mission Impossible 3”

  1. Which attracted me to your bolg was the movie MI3,I was so fortune that I could be the first one to make comment in your bolg.
    As I’ve read some of your diary,I know that you are living in Indonesia. Right?
    But in the photo,it seems you’re not the local people. So may I ask what’s your origin country?
    You can send mail to me.

  2. Hoi Alina, thanks for Your comment. I live in Indonesia, the photos on My post before are photos when I was in the Netherland, Paris and Luxemburg, so I’m not the local people there.

    Do I know You? as I don’t remember that I have a friend named Alina :D

  3. Actually, you don’t know me at all. Sometimes, I think the Internet is a magic that can make us link together. It seems your English is quite good, so what’s your mother language? Is it include English? Or you just learn it as a second language?

  4. My mother language is Bahasa Indonesia. English is My third language :) My second language is Javanese as I grow up in Jogjakarta.

    How about You Alina? I’m curious about You now :D where do You live?

  5. I’m living in Shanghai,China.
    I feel quite strange about why your uncle Charlie need a GPS. But this system is very interesting. If I can get one, I won’t worry about losing my way. (You know,the sense of direction for girl is often chaotic.)And I suppose such kind of system just used for national security.

  6. There are many types and purposes of GPS, one of it are GPS for giving road direction. The one that Uncle Charlie bought have maps of 3 countries: Netherland, Belgie and Luxemburg.

    Even Netherland can be considered as small country if We compare it with Indonesia or China it still ‘big’ country :) and You still need help for road direction. The GPS answer this need.

    With traditional map You will need to find the route to Your destination manually. Using GPS, You don’t need to find route manually, the GPS does it for You automaticaly.

    If You want one, may be You can found it on electronic shops. The problem is: is there any map of China for the GPS system?

  7. Why I interested in GPS is that I like to watch war films. And in those films, the American soldier always use it to position their point in jungle. Or they can help the soldier to lead the satellite, then destory the military base. So I think it’s a product of high-tech, but perhaps not so useful in our daily life.

    From your ex-post,I feel you’re a quite interesting person. And I’d like to know more about you. May I know what’s your favorite book?

  8. What You saw on the movie is one kind of GPS. GPS are used in many things, such as: GPS for maps (giving road direction), GPS for military (like the one you saw on the movie), GPS for mining, etc.. GPS is a high tech :)

    About Your question of My favorite book, I answer it directly to Your email address.

  9. Oops.. I forgot, My email maybe will go to Your Yahoo account’s “bulk folder” as My mail server IP is blacklisted by Yahoo, I don’t know why :-/

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