Shopping in Bandung

Last Saturday I went to Bandung with some friends from QnAp Asia. We went to Bandung for clothes shopping :D We go to Rumah Mode, Heritage, Kartika Sari, de Kosmo, Island, Cascade, Formen, and Summit. Wow.. that day is the most clothes shop that I visit in one day!

What I like from Bandung is that it’s not too hot there, not like Jakarta which is very hot. But Bandung also have heavy traffic and the traffic light is not so informative, it’s sucks!

Other thing that We do in Bandung is eating =p~ We ate Nasi Campur at noon and Mie Rica-Rica in the evening. Oh yeah.. at noon I bought “Brownies Kukus” from Amanda shop. I don’t know why but it is very famous in Bandung, if You want to buy it You must standing in a long line, crap! the taste of the Brownies Kukus is not so special for Me, I wonder why those people want to wait in line for more than 30 minutes just to buy that Brownies.. geez.. #-o


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