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A few days ago My friend Jose called Me from Netherland. He call Me using VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – which cost cheaper than if You make international call through landline phone.

This afternoon, I chat with Him and ask what VoIP company He used to call Me, and He said He is using VoIP Buster. I visit Their web site and found that I can make a phone call to Netherland’s landline phone for FREE! :D

I was excited knowing that I can make a phone call to Netherland’s landline phone for free. I downloaded the VoIP client, install it and try to call QnAp iT BV office in Netherland. It hooked up! I made a phone call to Netherland B-) Marc was the one who pickup the phone.

Although there is a delay on the call – which quite disturbing but I’m OK with it as I make a phone call in the afternoon when all peoples in the office use the Internet – but it quite clear voice call. But… there is always a ‘but’ on a ‘free’ things.. the ‘free’ call is only for 1 minute :(( if You want to continue talking You must buy a credit – Ain’t free – or if You still doesn’t want to pay a dime, just like Me :D You can call again and again and again, 1 minute each :))

I’m happy I can talk with Ferdy in Netherland. It’s been 1 month after I return to Indonesia. I met Him first time in Bogor – Indonesia and start Our friendship when We are in Netherland. Good to hear You’re OK Ferdy!


3 thoughts on “1 Minute Free Call”

  1. Hey Markus,

    It’s not that expensive to call for longer than one minute: you have to buy credit, but you don’t need to buy more than $1 or €1 of credit. It makes calling more comfortable, although I think a delay in a phonecall is quite annoying if you try to have a normal conversation.

    For me it is about €1,= to call to a cellphone in Indonesia using skype-out credit. The quality of the sound is sometimes better than when I use my regular HP to call to a HP in Indonesia.

  2. Hoi Sam,

    I check My email this morning and got the login information email from voipbuster.com, in that email They said that I can get unlimited free call if I purchase 10 Euro credit, seems a good deal huh?

  3. If the connection is good enough for making calls, it should be a good deal. You should check on the time your credit stays valid. The time my one euro stayed valid was 1 year, you should consider if it’s worth it, when it’s one year for 10 euros and keep in the back of your head how often you will actually use the service.

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