Cleaning Server IP From Yahoo Blacklist

Two days ago I filling form on Yahoo abuse department website to ask Them to whitelist RevTI’s server IP from Yahoo blacklist. Because the IP is blacklisted by Yahoo all email from RevTI server to Yahoo mail are delivered to Bulk Folder which have a big chance not being readed by the recepient.

I get a reply email with a quisionare that I must sent back to Yahoo, I fill it and sent it back to Yahoo. Today I got a notification email from Yahoo that They will do check on all email from RevTI’s server to Yahoo mail.

I tried to send an email to My own Yahoo mail, it seems that RevTI’s server IP is not blacklisted anymore, but Yahoo’s checking still in progress I guess as I not yet receive Their confirmation that RevTI’s server pass the checking.

Crossing My Fingers :)


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Server IP From Yahoo Blacklist”

  1. This seems a frustrating problem with Yahoo!– unlike other providers, they do not publish a blacklist, they do not tell you “why” you can’t send mail to them or what to do to resolve it– they simply put you through a series of hoops of form letter submissions (etc) over days and weeks, finally tell you that you are “whitelisted”– and you still can’t send to them! Absurd.

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