Find How To Record Sound in C#

This few days I’ve been searching for how to record sound in C#. After doing some searching on the Internet I found DirectX SDK. Unfortunately the documentation and example of DirectX SDK are writen in C/C++ which is diferrent with C# so I get confused on how to implement it in C#.

I’m still searching for an example on the Internet, I hope I can found one that give a good and easy example.


  1. on June 12, 2006 at 10:15

    It seems that I didn’t go thoroughly on DirectX SDK installation directory as this morning I found an example of C# code for capturing/recording sound in ‘\Samples\Managed\DirectSound\CaptureSound’ directory.

    Although the code not working correctly. I got some error when running it and the program can’t capture sound, but I’m a little bit glad because at least I have an example.


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  1. \Samples\Managed\DirectSound\CaptureSound does still not work correctly, it works in debugging mode but not as a stand alone application, seems as there are not yet any good ways of capturing sound in c# :/

  2. The code works just fine. I used it on several occasions and it never fails. When opening the application sample you should choose the appropriate input capture device and you should have no problem. Good Luck!

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