Go Kart Race

Yesterday the PLN – Perusahaan Listrik Negara – or in English ‘Goverment’s Electricity Company’ do maintenance on a electric box which needed the electricity to be shutted down for half day.

Because without electricity QnAppers can’t work, so We decide to do company outfit. We decide to do go karting, We gather in the office at 13.00, but some of QnApper including Me already in the office from 08.00.

Actually I was planning to check My email first because the electricity will shutted down at 10.00 so I still have time to check email, but the server went down too.. it seems to have a problem with it’s motherboard.

Anyway at 13.00 We go to the go kart circuit. It was light raining when We arrived so We must wait until the rain is stopped. Not for long the rain is stopped so We start go karting :D

It was very fun and exciting! We really racing each other. Although the go kart only run 35 – 40 Km/hour (approximately) but it was quite fast on a small circuit.

We do more than 5 sessions for each QnApper, each session are 6 minutes long which if You drive fast – to fast and to furious :D – You can do 5 or 6 laps.

Some of the go kart doesn’t have good tires so it always slides when You turn in a corner with fast speed.

It was a much of fun company outfit :)) can’t wait to do it again :p


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