Jazzy Moments

It has been two days I stay longer than usual days before, just to enjoy Jazz music :) It’s a Jazzy moment!

Two days ago I pick up an unused active speaker in the training room of QnAp Asia office and put it right below My desk :D now I have a more better speaker then My notebook’s speaker, so listening music are more enjoyable.

I turn on Winamp MP3 player which also has capability to receive Internet Radio Streaming which on Winamp it’s called Shoutcast Radio, I select “Jazz” on the selection menu and Winamp will list all Internet Radio that currently broadcast Jazz music.

Why I stay longer in the office? there is two main reasons:

  1. The Internet connection in the office is slow if I use the internet in working hours, as the connection are shared with other software engineers. So when everybody already return to Their home I can use all the bandwidth and the streaming radio is not lagging b-)
  2. The only person in QnAp Asia that like Jazz is only Me and the Big Boss :D so I only can enjoy Jazz with the active speaker only when everybody has return to Their home, so I didn’t disturb Them with music They dislike.

Despite that I’m alone in the office, but I very enjoying the Jazzy moment, it’s so quiet and peacefull.. It’s only Me and the Jazz music.. that’s why I call it ‘Jazzy moment’ :)


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