Lunch Break and Meeting With Client

Today not much work I done, I just continuing installing softwares on the new notebooks as I’m not finished yet yesterday. Then on the afternoon Big Boss Ki take all the software engineer to Plaza Senayan, We had lunch there with collegues from another company, it seem They are Ki’s friends.

After lunch Ki ask Me and Budi to go to Jakarta Covention Center to meet with a prospected client just to know each other and give Them a proposal. We stay on the JCC for about 2 hours and then go back to the office after We give the proposal.

When We are heading to the office, We almost forgot that there is ‘Three in One’ rules on the street We want to go. Because We are only two person in the car so We decide to take other way.

We arrived in the office at 17.30 so We just packup and go home :D


2 thoughts on “Lunch Break and Meeting With Client”

  1. installing software, having lunches, omong kosong with prospects……this is no work for a programmer. It is good I come over to Jakarta!! ;)
    See ya in 10 days

  2. the installing software part are also software engineers work :) and the having lunch are the needs :p the last one ‘omong kosong with prospects’ I switching My role as a marketing personel :D hehe..

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