PlayBoy 2nd Edition

Today at lunch time Me with other QnAp members goes to Citra Land Mall, We are going to buy pizzas on Pizza Hut to celebrate Mr. Rohim’s birthday and also Veronika’s farewell party as She is leaving the company.

At Citra Land We pass by a book shop, in that book shop I saw a PlayBoy Indonesia 2nd edition. PlayBoy Indonesia had big protests from mainly Islamic organisations because They thought that it contains pornographic content. This protests make Me curious about PlayBoy’s content, so I bought one.

After thumb thorough the pages, I didn’t see any single naked woman’s picture, of course it’s disapointed Me :D hey… it’s PlayBoy! it should contain at least one barely naked woman picture right??

The nudest picture I saw only a woman wearing bra and lingerie, that’s all. I even saw that kind of picture on woman magazine – bra advertising. So what is the problem with those people who protest??

What make Me think is.. why only PlayBoy that being protested? what about other imported magazines or even local magazines that also had a woman pictures wearing only bra or bikini? There is alot of that kind magazine in the market..

Anyway I don’t care about the protest. Now I want to reading PlayBoy’s articles.

Last words: Happy birthday Mr. Rohim and farewell Veronika :)


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