QnApA Server Broken

We already know that the server is broken yesterday morning, just before We do company outfit. We already order a new motherboard to replace the old and broken motherboard.

As the motherboard not yet coming and We need Internet connection so Willy, Karyono, Me and at the end Yenn also.. try to configure a computer to be a temporary server so We can have internet connection.

In the afternoon the computer shop sent the new motherboard, but unfortunately They deliver the wrong series so We must wait again.

Yenn and Karyono succeded configuring the temporary server so We have internet connection now.


One thought on “QnApA Server Broken”

  1. Good to see you have the knowledge aboard to fix these kinds of problems within the company, being creative in your sollution.

    4 is quite much, I don’t think they should give more because the serum might mix up an act funny, I don’t know. But I disagree with you about the waste of money, to me it’s worth to protect myself :) Don’t forget that €196 should be seen as around worth €63 in Indonesia. Than it’s not too bad, right?

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