Review MSI M630 Notebook

After a couple days using new notebook from QnAp office, I can give some comments on this new MSI M630 notebook.

First impression this notebook looks good, it has Wireless LAN, 15″ Widescreen and a DVD Writer! but not for long those features doesn’t compared with it’s ugly keyboard interface and the air cooler output position.

Here is the bad things with this notebook that You should not buy it:

  1. It have a bad keyboard, You need to type like You are using old typing machines! press it softly, then no character come out in the screen.
  2. The ‘Fn’ key position are in the most bottom left, which I consider as a stupid design because on normal keyboard ‘Ctrl’ key are in the most bottom left which make most of computer user get use to it – including Me.
  3. The left ‘Shift’ key are not in “normal” size because MSI add some unused key ‘\’ next to it, another stupidity in keyboard design.
  4. The air cooller output is on the right side just next to Your hand when You using Your mouse – if You are a right handed. I consider this as very stupid, because most people are right handed and using mouse when They using Their notebook. If You using the notebook for a long time, You’ll start feeling hot on Your hand.

Personally, I don’t like this notebook, but I need the widescreen because it’s more comfortable when I writing code using MS Visual Studio.


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