Tsunami? Not Again!

This morning I got a bulk message via Yahoo Messenger from My friends, telling that there will be an earthquake and tsunami on 7th June.

It’s obvious that the message are chain message, picking a great news channel CNN to make peoples believe the issue. I visit CNN website to find any news about it, but I can’t find it.

A few minutes later My brother telling Me to see Detik.com an Indonesian news portal, there is an article that said it was an issue.

The issue make Me wonder, why people make fun of others disaster and make Them more frightened with the issues? Is it not enough for Them to have Their homes collapsed and Their familly members died?


3 thoughts on “Tsunami? Not Again!”

  1. Okay, now I get what the msg was about. Inge from the QnAp office send this msg to me aswell. I told her that my Indonesian was far from fluent, so I asked her what it was about. She told me it was nothing. I checked a Dutch newssite to see if there was any news on Indonesia, but no new dissasters.. I am happy it was a hoax.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I am in Sulawesi and wondered if the short message that I got from a friend of mine was true. If it is really a piece of cheap news, it has made a great terror to the people here.

    I got email from my chatmate that said the same.

    I am relieved that it was only a ………..message.


  3. There always exists such boring person who like to spread rumor. And there always exists such person who like to put his happiness on the others misfortune. As those misfortune never happened in their life. If they experience it, they won’t say such kind of words. They will know what will these rumor bring to the victims.

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