X-Men 3

After Mission Impossible 3 and The Davinci Code here come X-Men 3. I watch X-Men 3 last evening, together with My brother and His girl friend.

As the previous X-Mens; in X-Men 3, Logan a.k.a Wolverine is the main character. I like Wolverine but I like Xavier more :D

I like Xavier because of His mutant power, telepathy. But sadly He is dead in the last episode of X-Men trilogy. He is killed by His student Jean Grey which have 2 personality, the bad side of Jean Grey which call Her self the Phoenix kill Professor X. Phoenix have a telekinesis power, She is a powerfull mutant, the most powerfull I think.

X-Men 3 is a good movie, better than Mission Impossible 3! Be sure You watch this movie :D


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